MAY 21 2022 noon-8pm

The Wenonah Porch Fest is a free day-long music festival  uniting local musicians with  neighborhood porches. Bands, singers, and instrumentalists showcase their talents and share diverse music to entertain and build communal bonds. 

The Event is sponsered by the Wenonah Lake Association, in part as a creative effort to encourage membership for the Wenonah Lake.  
(p.s. join the Lake!  memberships start at $45 for the entire summer - more info here




1) 104 S Princeton Ave

  Children’s music site /drum circle (led by Paul Simmons)  12-3

2)14 S. Monroe Ave

   Shane Walsh 12-12:20

    Kids songs for Everyone

    Dawn & Jeff Hiatt 12:30-1:20

    Patsy Cline by way of Fiona Apple


3) 301/303 S. Princeton Ave

    Blue Frances 12-1

    40’s-70s Covers & Originals

    Fin (Ron Finucane III) 1:15-2:15

     Covers from the 80's to today

    Terry Gleeson 2:30-3:30

     Acoustic folk with a touch of blues/pop/rock


4) Holy Trinity Episcopal Church (11 N Monroe Ave)

   Rachel Graaf Duo 12-12:30

   Acoustic pop and rock, blend of covers and originals

   The Texas Leggs 12:55-1:40

     Rock, Jazz, and Blues

   Roth & the Reason 2-2:30

    Pop and Blues Original songs written by Bill Roth​

5) 9 S Lincoln Ave

   Russ Knight 12:45-2:15

   Original punk rock inspired acoustic songs 


6) 7 E Mantua Ave

   Henry Daniluk 12 -1

     Van Halen style rock 

   Sean Jennings 1-1:45

    Solo Acoustic guitar covering many genres 


7) 110 S Clinton Ave

   Jacob Langley 12-12:30

    Classic rock on piano

   Trip Boyd 12:50-1:50

    original pop/rock (plus a few covers)

   Greg Abbott 2:10-3:20

    Mostly country with a little rock and pop

8) 107 N East Ave

   Jim Oakley & friends 12-3:30

    Blend of different Performers and styles

9)Holy Nativity Lutheran Church (3 Lenape Tr) 

 Andy Gordon 12:15-12:40

      Solo Acoustic 70s Rock/Blues/Singer-Songwriter 

 Gloucester County Flute Ensemble 1-2


11) 104 W Willow St

   Barry Hollander 1:25-2:05

      jazzy acoustic instrumentals, bluegrass, rock

   Tom Brett 2:20:-3:30

  traditional Irish Folk

12) 203 E Poplar St

   Rob Grasso-Defeo 1:30-2:30

  Acoustic originals and covers

   Rob Cox 2:50-3:20

​  Acoustic Rock/Singer-Songwriter
Denise Berg 3:40-4:10

  Olf fashioned on mandolin and uke


13) 107 N Clinton Ave

   Matt Hayden 1:45-2:30

   Matt Hayden and Gerry Mingori 2:40-3:40

    Soulful arrangements of jazz, rock, and blues

   Allison Eckstein 4:10-4:30

-solo acoustic covers

14) 500 E Mantua Ave

Jay Runyon 2-3

Traditional & indie folk

Jessica Graae 3:30-4:10

Original folk/singer-songwriter 

Lost Art 5-5:45

Original Music for Modern Times, composed by Alex Pepiak 

Michael Tearson & Bill Fergusson 6:15-6:50

mandolin/voice/guitar, Americana turned upside down/inside out

Swing That Cat 7:15-8:15

Jump Blues swizzled in Swing,dash of Cabaret,splash of Bourbon St


15) 109 W. Mantua Ave

Joannie Schneider 2:30-3:30

Adult contemporary standards, pop, rock,&  showtunes

Mark & Claudia Krusch 3:55-4:30

   Contemporary music

Full Circle Duo 4:35-5

   Acoustic Country/Folk/Rock


16) 11 S Princeton Ave

Alyssa Cop 3-3:30

Nora Jones-style solo piano/vocal

The Few and Far Between 3:35-4:20

Grace Potter-influenced full band rock & soul

Elixacrats 4:45-5:45

Heartfelt songs from the 80s-now covering many genres

17) 307 N Marion Ave (back porch)

Johnny Slide 3:15-4:30

Full band rock/funk/blues/jazz/pop covers

Jeanne Grigri & The Tangents 5-6

​60’s-80’s Rock (Traffic, Tom Petty, Beatles, Hendrix, etc.)

18) 12 W Willow St

Tally Lanes 3:30-3:50

  Love songs for the heart 

Scotty Stevens 4-5

Acoustic originals

19) 1 S. Clinton Ave

Arthur Hermann 3:30-4:10

Folk & blues originals/covers played on acoustic & lapsteel guitar

LNJ Sessions 4:40-5:45

Beach Rock, so cal Reggae, Indie folk


20) 9 W. Buttonwood Ave

Union Street 3:30-4:30

 Southern Rawk (Skynyrd, ZZ top, Black Crowes, etc)

Skippy’s Toy 5:15-6:15

​classic rock dance band with music from 60s thru 00s


21) 111 N Lincoln Ave

Well Behaved Children 4 -4:25

Punk rock porch pirates, here for a good time, not a long time

Rude Boy 4:45-5:45

music of The Clash

23) 305 W Mantua Ave

John Stafford band 6-8

mix of Blues / Country / rock


Please support our beautiful Wenonah Lake! membership starts at only $45 for the entire summer   

For more info:  www.wenonahporchfest.wixsite.com/porchfest



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